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Mounted samurai
Mounted samurai armed with a bow (yumi) is crossing a river observing the opposite shore.
Beautiful motive with discreet colours.

Honshi: Handpainted on silk
Künstler: with seal (unknown)
Date: around 1870 (early Meiji)
Length: around 177 cm
Width: aprox. 46 cm
Material chûmawashi: Brocade silk
Material honshi: Silk
Material ichimonji: Brocade silk
Material tenchi: Silk
Material of the endpieces (jikusaki): Horn
Condition: Aged. Fresh colours. Slightly soiled in the area of the jibubô due to its age. Some damages (due to its age) in the area of the ten (material is thin and rubbed here and there).
Overall, an artful and harmonious scroll.

This image may slightly vary in colour to the original - due to the photo/scan.
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approx. 300 grams
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