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(Aikidô) Sarutahiko Ôkami
Sarutahiko Ôkami (猿 田 毘 古 大 神, 猿 田 彦 大 神) is considered to be the leader of the earthly Kami, the Shintô. Thereby it is referred to the myths in which Sarutahiko accompanied Ninigi (according to the legend, he is the great-grandfather of the emperor Jimmu and consequently the ancestor of all Japanese emperors), the grandchild of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, to earth. He stands as symbol for misogi (ritual cleansing), strength and lead. Therefore, he is the patron of martial arts as for example Aikidô.
"Aikidô is the way of misogi itself;  the way to become Sarutahiko Ôkami and to stand on the floating bridge of heaven." [Morihei Ueshiba]

One thing which is especially striking about Sarutahiko might be his "seven-hand-long" nose. For this reason he is often illustrated as long-nose-Tengu.

Honshi: Handpainted on silk
Artist: 尊愛 Sonai, with seal.
Date: around 1950 (Mid Shôwa)
Length: approx. 157 cm
Width: approx. 35,5 cm
Material chûmawashi: Paper
Material honshi: Silk
Material ichimonji: Brocade silk
Material tenchi: Paper
Material of the endpieces (jikubô): Wood
Condition: Good. Fresh colours; Slightly stained/darkened due to its age throughout in the area of the Ten, Chi and Honshi. Slight water stains and folding traces in the upper area of the hassô (due to its age).

This image may slightly vary in colour to the original - due to the photo/scan.
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approx. 200 grams
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