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Samurai in full battle armor
This scroll shows a samurai in full battle armor. He wears tachi and tantô in his obi, holds a yumi (bow) in his hand and has an arrow quiver on his back. He is sitting on the chest in which he usually stores his armor and has thrown a fur over it.

Samurai in battle armor
Honshi: Handpainted on silk
Artist: 抱雪 Hôsetsu, with seal and signature.
Date: around 1912-1940 (Taishô/Shôwa)
Length: approx. 177 cm
Width: approx. 48 cm
Material chûmawashi: Brocade silk
Material honshi: Silk
Material ichimonji: Brocade silk
Material tenchi: Brocade
Material of the endpieces (jikusaki): Bones
Condition: Very good. Fresh colours. There are some isolated spots in the honshi. A little wormhole at the jibubô.
Overall a very beautiful scroll with a wonderful picture.
Insgesamt eine sehr schöne Rolle mit einer prächtigen Abbildung.

This image may slightly vary in colour to the original - due to the photo/scan.
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approx. 350 grams
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