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There are countless beautiful and impressive waterfalls in Japan. This illustrated one is one of the most best-known - the Nachi taki waterfall. Probably it is famous because it is one of Japan's highest and continuous waterfalls. It is located right next to the Seigantoji temple.
In martial arts, meditation under waterfalls is considered a cleansing inspiration.

Waterfall (Taki)
Honshi: Handpainted on silk
Artist: 竹堂 Chikudô with seal and signature.
Date: Around 1930 (early Shôwa)
Length: approx. 199 cm
Width: approx. 47,5 cm
Material chûmawashi: Brocade silk
Material honshi: Silk
Material ichimonji: Brocade silk
Material tenchi: Brocade
Material of the endpieces (jikusaki): Bones
Condition: Good. Fresh colours. Some light age spots at the honshi.
Overall a beautiful scroll.

This image may slightly vary in colour to the original - due to the photo/scan.
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