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Buji (Safety / Peace)

The scroll shows a shodô with the meaning "Safety & peace". The writer of this calligraphy was the priest Matsui Nichihiro.
In "Buji" he expresses the thought „You have to stop about wanting to complete your own way to another or other people“
Matsui Nichihiro is a priest of the Honnô-ji temple. Honnô-ji is a temple of the Nichiren branch of the buddhism in Kyoto.
Matsui Nichihiro's main statue of adoration is Mandara-Honzon of Namu Myôhô Renge Kyô (Lotos-Sutra).
A powerful kagemono.

Artist: 本能寺 Honnô-ji, 日宏 Nichihiro with seal and signature.
Date: Around 1980 (late Shôwa)
Length: approx. 194 cm
Width: approx. 32 cm
Material chûmawashi: Brocade silk
Material honshi: Paper
Material ichimonji: Brocade silk
Material tenchi: Silk
Material honshi: Handpainted on paper
Material of the endpieces (jikusaki): Wood
Condition: Very good, fresh colours; honshi slightly darkened. Slight mould stains in the lower ear of the tenchi. Overall a beatiful scroll.

This image may slightly vary in colour to the original - due to the photo/scan.
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