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This scroll shows the 122nd tennô Mutsuhito, son of the emperor Kômei. The Emperor's mastery (Ôsei fukku) of 1867/68, in Japanese historical works commonly known as Meiji-ishin or simply Ishin (Renewal of Meiji) or Go-isshin (the great renewal) took place under his reign.

Honshi: Printed on paper.
Date: approx. 1930 (Late in Taishô – Early in Shôwa).
Length: approx. 200 cm
Width: approx. 58 cm
Material honshi: Paper
Material ichimonji: Silk
Material tenchi: Silk
Material of the end-pieces (jikubô): Wood
Condition: Good, fresh print, slight material abrasion in the area of the ten. All in all a very well preserved scroll. Signs of ageing at the rear side close to the upper fixing bar (hassô).

This image may slightly vary in colour to the original - due to the photo/scan.
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approx. 600 grams
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