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Empress Jingô-Kôgô

She is said to descend from the legendary Korean prince Ama no Hiboko from mother's side. Despite the resistance of her husband, the tennô Chunai, she made preparations for the subjugation of the state Shiragis (Korea). With the approval of the chancellor Takeuchi no Sukune, Jingô Kôgô kept the death of the tennô secret and started the campaign on her own initiative. In 201 she returned and gave birth to the prince Homuda (Ôjin-tennô). It is said that she artificially delayed the birth of her son.

The scroll shows Jingô-Kogô and chancellor Takeuchi no Sukune, who holds the prince Homuda in his arms.

Honshi: Handpainted on paper
Artist: Unknown, however with seal.
Date: About 1930 (late in Taishô, early in Shôwa)
Length: approx. 172 cm
Width: approx. 68 cm
Material chûmawashi: Paper
Material honshi: Paper
Material tenchi: Paper
Material ichimonji: Linen brocade
Material of the endpieces (jikubô): walnut wood
Condition: very good, fresh colours; in the area of the honshi (area of the image) slightly bend and slight colour spots (it seems that the colour wasn't dry when the scroll was rolled up).
Article no.: 70075
approx. 500 grams
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